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About the TuS Syke water polo tournament

Once a year, a club located in the south of Bremen, named 'TuS Syke', is host to a beautiful water polo tournament. This year we will celebrate the 13th edition from 04th to 05th July 2020.

As we don't like to party on our own and to make the 13th a big celebration, we'd especially like to invite teams from outside Germany.

Meals and drinks will be sufficiently available inside the area of the sports facilities on all days, incl breakfast for little money on Saturday and Sunday.

The tournament kick off is the welcome party on Friday night.
Following the games on Saturday there will be a players-Party.

Around the pool area is enough place for everybody to put up a tent.
Arrival will be possible on friday 22th past 5 pm. The playing part of the tournament will start Saturday at 09:30 am and is supposed to end on Sunday at approx 2 pm.

The entry fee for a youth or women team is 70,- €, for gents 90,- €.
If you are coming with two/three teams, the fee will be reduced to 135,- € / 180,- €.

Highlights in 2020:

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